Chichén Itzá + Ek´Balam + Cenote Ik Kil.


Publication date: 08/02/2011

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  • Rosa Aug 03, 2011 

    uooooohhh looking forward!

  • Mae Aug 04, 2011 

    Looking forward to it all!
    Unbeatable price, see you soon!

  • aintxane Oct 13, 2011 

    Amazing all that we saw. Chichen Itza & EkBalam and the cenote Ik Kil. The water at the cenote was cold, but just at the begining. The guide and his explanation so good. Thank you soo much for all guys.

  • paki Oct 13, 2011 

    The people who are going to go there are going to enjoy a lot with this tour and this people. Swim at the cenote is amazing, the explanation of the guide too, and the costumer service is very good from the begining. We miss so much Mayan Riviera, thank you so much and good luck for the future.

  • Paola Oct 18, 2011 

    My congrats guys for your project. You are so brave. I´m going to suggest the agency to all my friends who are going to visit Mayan Riviera. Thanks you for your hospitality during the tour. You are so good guys!!!
    Kisses from Spain

  • Rodrigo Oct 30, 2011 

    Hi, I just came back from Mayan Riviera spending a wonderfull holidays. We were so lucky to contact this Agency. We trust in Paco and Raul. We are from Chile and all that we saw was amazing. From the begining with the explanation of the guides until the transposition to the ruins in their Vans, so confortable. So good everything. My wife, my son and my self were as with friends of all our life. 110% advisable. Thanks a lot guys, still in this way.

    Rodrigo Edwards Arroyo

  • Johnnie Nov 15, 2011 

    Hi, we are at home in Valencia, Spain, tunned and so happy with our holidays in Mexican Caribbean. We want to thank from here to Paco and Raul for their excellent attention in the tours we do. We visited cenotes and the Chichen Itza & Ekbalam ruins and Coba & Tulum also. Special mention for the guide Juan Manuel and for Mario, the driver. We met a good group the 3 days around Mayan Riviera. Thanks a lot for all and good luck.

    Johnnie y Noe

  • Tanya Dec 04, 2011 

    Hi all!! I read your posts and I looking forward to arrive Cancun to enjoy this tour and know all about mayan culture.

    Best regards to all.

  • Pilar Dec 04, 2011 

    Hi all!

    Just landed of this magic place Mayan Riviera. Thanks a lot Raul, for the passion in your work, and for make the stay unforgettable for us.

    Pilar y Fernando

  • Jordan Dec 14, 2011 

    Good feeling, they do all just for the people. We arrive soon to the ruins, with few people around, very good guide and amazing foods.

    Raul enjoy with his work and he gives all for the tourist. Is like your are going to visit a friend who lives so far of you.

    100% recommendable

  • Beatriz y Fran Feb 06, 2012 

    My best memory of Mexico is this tour. My friends told me about Chichen Itza. Even if the way is long, the sun is hard and there are a lot of tourist, this agency has all under control. We arrive soon, the organitation was perfect and we could visit 2 arqueological areas in the same day. Wonderfull!!!!

  • Marita Bowlen Mar 17, 2012 

    I like this website because so much useful stuff on here :D.

  • Montse & Jesús Apr 09, 2012 

    Great Tour!! The swim at the cenote was heartwarming! You cant visit Mayan Riviera and not doing this tour!

  • Nuria Apr 09, 2012 

    This tour is so good. The best is the organitacion of the Agency becasuse we arrive with the doors of Chichen Itza just open. No body inside and we took vet good picture of the Kukulkan castle. We suggest you. Thanks for all!

  • Jéssica & Victor Apr 29, 2012 

    I returned 3 days ago from the Mayan Riviera and I am so pleased that I booked this tour. It is absolutely great! You leave a bit early but when you get there, you get the whole site for you, no people around and the heat that starts to melt you around 11 which was about the time we left and the crowds started to arrive. Alvaro the guide, very very very good…very punctual , formal, overall, an excellent tour. I truly recommend Mayan Riviera Tours 100%. Thank you so much Alvaro and Raul for the tour. It`s a pitty I wasn`t able to book more tours! Regards

  • ANA GARCIA-VAQUERO May 13, 2012 

    Hi, I`m planning to travel on June. I`ve read the reviews and everything sound great. What catches my attention is the everybody mentions that you arrive early at the ruins to have them to yourselves. That`s says very good things about your organization . Apparently the guides really get into their character and i`m eager to get there to visit all this magical places. See you soon!

    • admin May 13, 2012 

      We look forward to meet you Ana! You will definitely enjoy it! Kind Regards

  • Jordi Tejera May 27, 2012 

    I`ll be arriving on June the 30th and I book my tour for July 3rd and there is no day that I don`t take a glimpse into the website. All the best Raul.

    • ANA GARCIA-VAQUERO Jun 06, 2012 

      Hey Jordi! I`ll be on the tour on the 3rd. Looking forward to meeting you. See you soon.

  • Nieves y David Jun 07, 2012 

    A dreamy trip! And Alvaro and Diego made it even better. Thank you for being who you are, funny, gentlemen and the effort you put into your job. If we ever decide in coming back, we will book once again with you for sure just because the Mayan Tour and the Chichen Itza tours were an unforgettable experience. Once again…thank you!!!

  • Ladonna Dowlen Jun 17, 2012 

    Keep working ,splendid job!

  • Bea Perez Jun 27, 2012 

    Hi! Just to arrive at Chichen Itza and taking pictures of the pyramids with no one else around was spectacular! We had a great time, everything was perfect!

  • rebeca Jun 27, 2012 

    I liked the very nice service from everybody at the tour. Abel and Rebeca, we hope we can repeat once again a visit to the Mayan Riviera to continue touring around the spectacular Mayan Riviera. We missed a lot of things to see honestly but we look forward to come back! Lol
    A true thank you to Raul for our upgrade in the Palladium…it was the best!!!

  • Nuria Jul 26, 2012 

    Thank you for everything. It`s a shame that the tour seemed so short but it still was great! As a tip, be sure to wear light color clothing and don’t wear hot pants or tight tank tops lol! The mosquitoes will go get you! The guide at the driver (Sergio and Jose Luis) were very nice and professionals. This is a company you can definitely trust in and I will for sure recommend it.

  • Maria Nov 04, 2012 

    This is amazing!


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Chichen Itza in Maya: Mouth of the well of water witches, is one of the major archaeological sites of the Yucatan Peninsula. The main building of this site is the Ku Kul Khan Castle, thar representing Mayan civil calendar. Other prominent buildings are El Caracol or also known as the Observatory, the Group of the Thousand Columns, Church, Temple of Venus, Temple of the Jaguar and the Ball Court, the largest built throughout Mesoamerica. Know this place in the approximate two-hour guided tour.

The Cenote Ik Kil is located a few kilometers from Chichen Itza. In can take a refreshing swim. It has a depth of 60m and from the surface to the water is a height of 25 meters. The cenotes were sacred places for the Mayan culture, was the road to the underworld. The Maya performed sacrifices on them to honor their gods.

We ended the day visiting Ek’Balam, in Maya: Black Jaguar. This site had its splendor at the time of the ruling Ukit Le’k Kan Tok whose tomb is located in the main building, known as The Acropolis where they highlight their wonderful plaster friezes where this represented the royalty of the era. Other buildings that stand out are the twins and their ball field as well as the beautifully preserved Mayan stelae with three glyphs.


-Trips in vehicles with A/C.
-Entrance to both archaeological areas.
-Entrance to the cenote.
-Lunch. International buffet.
-Driver, English Speaking Certified Guide

Not included:
-Drinks at lunch.