Cenotes are natural formations above calcareous rocks. Depending on the age of the cenote, we find them in three different forms. We have them in the open air which are the oldest, half-open and in the form of a cave, the last being the youngest. In the Yucatan peninsula, there are at least 4000 cenotes of different forms. We don´t have access to all of them.


These are the 5 most spectacular cenotes of Riviera Maya and Yucatan:


In first place, in the Riviera Maya, we have Cenote Ik kil; a tube-shaped, semi-open and very close to the archaeological zone of Chichen Itza. This cenote is famous for the celebration of “redbull-jumps”. The tube-shaped cenote is over 20 meters high.

The second cenote is Hubiku. It is as awesome as Ik Kil; closed with a semi-open dome that allows the entrance of light making it very peculiar. It is 70 meters diameter and 10 meters high. It opened to the public four years ago and does not have the reputation of Ik kil, but you can enjoy it very much.

 In third place we have the Gran Cenote. Depending on how you access this cenote, you can find it either totally open or in the form of a cave. Like most cenotes, it is interconnected with other cenotes. The Gran Cenote offers active diving, which allows one to go from one cenote to another for several miles underground, in the water.

 Fourth, we have the Choo-ha Cenote. This cenote is totally closed and is accessed by an opening that was purposely made. It is a pool inside a cave with completely clear water, surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites, were one can enjoy a highly pleasant bath.

 The Dos Ojos Cenote, in fifth place, is well known for diving. It has a small open area where it is accessed, and from there the divers pass from one cenote to another.


If you enjoy diving and exploring, don’t pass up on visiting cenotes Ik Kil and Hubiku – the most outstanding and spectacular cenotes in the Riviera Maya”. The 5 most spectacular “cenotes” at Riviera Maya accept all public and welcome you. They are equipped with restrooms and showers, and snorkeling equipment and life jackets are available.

 Coming to the Riviera Maya and not visiting The 5 most spectacular “cenotes” at Riviera Maya is something you may regret someday. Don’t miss out on cenotes Ik Kil and Hubiku.

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