5 things to know about Holbox

By 4 October, 2017Blog

Holbox is a Mexican island located in the northern part of the state of Quintana Roo, in the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas. It is one of the most beautiful destinations in the state. However sin is a place that very few know and come to visit, which does not take away its beauty. If you are interested to know it here we have 5 curiosities that you should know about Holbox.

1. Holbox is connected by a sand bank to the continental zone of Quintana Roo. Between this sandbank there are many channels that link it to the sea. In the island there is no natural source of water, reason why it was not inhabited by the Mayas. However, 30 minutes by boat, there is a small island where the Yalahau lagoon is located.

2. The first data about of Holbox are of the year 1852, according to documents of the governor of that time of Yucatán, Bartolomé Magaña. The island was inhabited when the settlers of the cities of Xcan, Labcah had to take shelter in her. The reason for seeking refuge was for alleged attacks by rebellious Maya groups. The Yucatecan army in spite of the attacks prohibited the occupation of Holbox, to which the refugees refused. Finally in 1854 they were officially allowed to stay there and form the city of Holbox.

3. Its main attractions are Yalahau Lagoon, Pájaros Island, Passion Island and Cape Catoche. The lagoon Yalahau is a cenote, not located on the island, is located 30 minutes from this. Located on a small island, for years it served as the main source of water for Holbox.

The Island of Birds and Passion Island are small islets, one inhabited by endemic birds. Passion Island is a small island famous for the lovers who are going to visit her in search of peace and love.

Cabo Catoche is the northernmost part of the Yucatan Peninsula, part of the continental zone of Holbox. It divides the Gulf of Mexico with the Sea of ​​the Antilles. In Cape Catoche, the conquistadors in Mexico were first disembarked. Boca Church is located there, where the first Catholic church in Latin America was erected.

4. The Yalahau lagoon not only provided water to the island of Holbox, but also to Pirates. The small island where Yalahau is located was a refuge for Pirates, the most famous of which was Francisco de Molas. Legend has it that Molas buried his treasure on that small island with the help of a slave. However, after doing so, the slave was beheaded to take the secret away from the tomb. It is said that at night you can see the head of the slave indicating the place of the treasure.

5. Holbox has Caribbean beaches, white sand and crystal clear water, but it is not part of the Caribbean. The waters that bathe the island are waters of the Gulf of Mexico, nevertheless the island conserves Caribbean features. In spite of this their beaches are beautiful, of very low depth. At night during certain months of the year, its waters become bioluminescent beaches by shaking them in the dark night.

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