best months travel in the RIviera Maya

If you can choose your vacation dates, the best months to travel to the Riviera Maya and what we recommend is that you do so anytime from January through April.Riviera Maya has a year-long tropical climate – six months dry and six months rainy weather. That doesn’t mean that it does not rain during the dry season but, it is not like the rainy season when it rains every day. If it is true that from December through June rain is scarce, it is because these months fall in the dry season. Humidity levels drop, the overwhelming heat is much less (down to 25°C / 80°F during the day) and, so are mosquitoes and other bugs.

What months are the best to Travel in the Riviera Maya?

Undoubtedly, the best time  to travel to Riviera Maya is during those four great months (January through April). Additionally, reduced groups of tourists in the area will let you enjoy more “less-crowded” archeological sites and pleasant walks through Playa del Carmen from your hotel. The weather is fantastic from January through April, with “summer-like” temperatures that will enable you to enjoy water activities and beaches. The sensation of heat-by-humidity is practically inexistent as it is the time of the year with the least humidity level.

Additionally, during these months (January through April), with the exception of Easter Holidays, there are excellent commercial offers to Rivera Maya. Whether on flights or holiday packages, the offers are always present as travel demand drops.The beach water temperature is never cold, it is a bit cooler than during the summer months but pleasant and; it is always sunny during the first five months of the year, so sun-tans are less intense than during the central months of the year.

If you have the opportunity to schedule your vacation anytime you wish, without a doubt the best time to travel to Riviera Maya is from January through April.At Riviera Maya, we welcome everyone throughout the year. We entertain world-wide visitors and, shops, activities, restaurants and archeological sites are available and open year-long.