What to take to Riviera Maya so that everything is perfect

By 2 June, 2018Blog
family playing on the beaches of the Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya covers approximately 140 km of the coasts of the beautiful state of Quintana Roo, composed of hundreds of beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters, ideal to enjoy the climate of the state.
If you are contemplating visiting the Riviera Maya to spend your holidays and need information on what to bring to this paradisiacal destination, Mayan Riviera Tour brings you a list of tips to help you prepare your suitcase and have an excellent vacation:

What clothing to bring to Riviera Maya?

In the Riviera Maya it is very important to bear in mind that the clime is humid subtropical, with mornings and hot afternoons and warm nights, where the right clothes could be classified as comfortable: shorts are ideal for walking the famous 5th avenue or simply to walk along the beach, where the swimsuit is indispensable.

Ideal clothes for the Riviera Maya women

We also recommend sportswear, as well as dresses, skirts and tank tops for women. Because of the type of weather, you can discard warm clothes. The necessary thing in the Riviera Maya is freshness to enjoy the sea breeze of this area. Still, do not rule out wearing some pants, long-sleeved shirt or simple coat for cool nights. cap, hats and sunglasses are essential.

Ideal clothes for the Riviera Maya Men

As far as footwear is concerned, the sandals are perfect for walking all day long. If you plan to make excursions to archaeological sites, wear tenis are an ideal complement, as they offer comfort and improve our mobility in these areas a bit difficult. It is not advisable to wear flip-flops or sandals to these places. These can be uncomfortable.

Other accessories

Caps, hats and sunglasses are very important to protect you from the ulttraviolet radiation. The sun, although it does not look like it, has a strong impact on the Riviera Maya and for this reason sunscreen is necessary, but not just any, but one that is biodegradable to preserve this paradisiacal destination.
Mosquitoes exist everywhere and the Riviera Maya is no exception. Therefore, bring mosquito repellent will help you avoid more than one bite.
An indispensable object in any trip is the camera and video. The Riviera Maya is without a doubt a very photogenic place, so do not forget to provide more than one battery to ensure you have the equipment throughout the day. From sunrises on the beach, landscapes, buildings, gastronomy, to handicrafts and their charming local people, these are images that you will keep and enjoy with time.
Additionally, an external mobile charger will be a very useful complement, especially if you like to take photos and videos with your smartphone, send them to your friends and family and post them on social networks.

Food and drink

To avoid dehydration in this type of climate, carrying a reusable bottle of water is a good option, avoiding the unnecessary expense of buying water bottles, generating less waste and also saving a little money.

Restaurants of the Riviera Maya
When it comes to food, in the Riviera Maya, restaurants are plentiful and offer delicacies worthy of being considered delicacies. However, if you make an excursion, it will always be good if you bring a snack that at any given time could help you to continue the visit with energy.
For the excursions on the beach or the archaeological zones the snack are ideal, they can be energy bars or cookies, as well as fruits such as apples or bananas.


The documents necessary to travel to Mexico and that you should have on hand during the trip are your passport, hotel reservations and excursions, and we recommend, although it is not obligatory, to take out medical insurance to avoid risks in the event of a possible accident.
It will not hurt to put the copies of your documents to the cloud to access them through the internet at any time. Remember that printed documents are necessary for customs and other areas where you will not have coverage.

Documents to visit the Riviera Maya


Carry cash money will always be good for public transport, buy souvenirs or eat and drink something on the street. In Riviera Maya, both the Mexican peso and the US dollar are accepted.