Excursion to Isla Mujeres, one day in Catamaran

By 30 August, 2017Blog
Isla Mujeres

Go away from Cancun in Catamaran to Isla Mujeres you can enjoy it a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea, the different shades of blue are just a part of the experience that you can not fail to admire, not to mention the areas where the water is totally crystalline and You will see even the last detail of your feet.

Once on board the boat, the warm people in charge of the boat will be in charge of your safety and that your time with them is the most pleasant for you. During the whole trip they will provide you with the free bar service included, they will be the guides of the excursion, they will help you with the equipment of snorkel and above all they will be the ones in charge to start the fun through dances and good music.

Midway in the bay of Cancun, the boat will stop to begin with one of its main activities, the Snorkel. During it the guides will take you to see specifically some sculptures in forms of hands with crossed fingers pointing to the sky. You are forming a circle and have an approximate size of two meters. You will also be able to appreciate other sculptures of different shapes and of course during all the swimming to be participant of the marine life that there abounds there. You will observe fish of different sizes and colors that inhabit the reefs that you will also see, all so different that in combination they make the aquatic life of Isla Mujeres become one of your favorite new landscapes.

Traveling Isla Mujeres

Arriving in Isla Mujeres the fun runs on your own, but do not worry that you will have many activities from which to choose. If you want to continue enjoying the warm water of the sea, spend a moment of relaxation or otherwise follow the party, it is recommended to go to a Beach Club, where you can consume exotic drinks, dance, swim to the seashore or take a Siesta between the palm trees in a hammock or a bunk. But if you have a more adventurous spirit and what you want is to go to discover the small island your best option is to take a tour in a Golf cart. One of the advantages of this tour is that you decide where you want to go and where you can walk or just get off the vehicle to take the photo if you want. It does not matter that you have never driven a Golf cart, since it is very easy and fun to do, all you need is a valid driver’s license. In case you do not have one, you can use the one of your companion or the person in charge of driving since in the car fit approximately of 4 to 5 people.

You rent it for a time of one hour and make sure to be on time because in case of exceeding the stipulated time, you will be charged an extra. Once delivered the vehicle the course will be totally in your hands, the route is simple as it turns the whole island. During the course you will see a wide panorama of the sea, with the light reflected in the water emphasizing the magnificent blue tones that only the Mexican sea has and of course you will know a little more deeply the population, with its markets, restaurants, bars, hotels, Viewpoints and beaches.

The trip to Isla Mujeres is enjoyed at all times, once returning to the catamaran you will return to Cancun and enjoy the dance and the good atmosphere generated by its crew in the company of a beautiful sunset.
Once arriving in Cancun the adventure for that day will be over for you if you stay in the city, but if your case is Playa del Carmen do not rush to see how to return, since the tour includes the return to the city to leave you in Where he has picked you up before.

If you are ready to live it and have a story to tell, we have excursions and deals to Isla Mujeres every day, if you need more information do not hesitate to contact us. Do it there is nothing to lose, the only thing that you will gain will be an unrepeatable experience in your life.