Rio Secreto

By 15 September, 2017Blog
Rio Secreto

The underground wealth of this place is one of the reasons why Rio Secreto is in a natural protected area. Located on the Riviera Maya a few kilometers from Playa del Carmen, the nature reserve will surprise you with its odd formations and walls full of geological history that tell the history of the land. The caverns, used by the Maya as a sacred place, now open their doors to the world, so that people from all over the planet have the unique opportunity to marvel at this underlying natural formation.

Legend has it that Rio Secreto was discovered by a peasant chasing an iguana. When he removed the rocks where he was, he discovered more than a simple lizard, he found a Secret River. An underground river of extraordinary beauty. This place, practically new to the visit of the tourist and now world heritage site, was discovered just a couple of years ago.

Rio secreto is an ancient site, an area of ​​caves and subterranean caverns, where thousands of stalactites and stalagmites are found among crystalline waters and complex formations of hundreds of years, with rooms that resemble glass palaces. Although there are many secrets to discover, this paradise located in the heart of the earth, will catch you with its natural beauty unequaled, not even the imagination reaches to visualize this natural wonder. Something so beautiful could only be created by nature.

It does not matter if the day of your visit is not favorable weather, since, raining, or with a strong sun, the park offers every day quality tours to surprise you with this extraordinary place. Its opening begins at 9:00 am and the last tour is at 13:00 hours, covering groups of up to 10 people. The tours include entrance to the reserve, lockers, specialized guide, complete excursion equipment and buffet food and non-alcoholic drinks. Some packages offer roundtrip transportation from Cancun and others from the Riviera Maya.

It is always important to conserve and care for our natural reserves, so that a significant amount of the money that the visitor invests in the place, is used to maintain and preserve the flora and fauna that inhabit there. This natural reserve protects in a sustainable way the caves and the forest where they are. Rio secreto is a clear example of which can combine tourism with the preservation of the zones, creating a minimum impact in the natural environment.
Through the foundation Centinelas del Agua A.C. water quality studies and different environmental education programs are carried out locally and in Mayan communities. For Rio Secreto and the members of this great team, it is vital to raise awareness about water preservation, a theme that helps to care for the Yucatan peninsula and the world.

Rio secret is an extraordinary creation of nature, what this place has to show goes beyond the limits of imagination, a different world in the bowels of the earth.