Things you can do in Playa del Carmen at nightfall.

By 18 October, 2017Blog, Información General
Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a paradise bathed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea. It’s located southeast of Mexico and south of Cancun. Among its peculiarities is the so-called “Riviera Maya” and be one of the most important tourist destinations in the country. This city beyond being beautiful and having the blessing of being bathed by the waters of the Caribbean, is a place that offers all kinds of adventures, which you can enjoy in its two facets: in the day and at night.
In this article I will mention some things that you can do when hiding the sun in Playa del Carmen.

1. Tour the 5th. Avenue

One of the most outstanding attractions is the famous 5th. This Avenue is located a few meters from the seashore. Is a famous place where you will find a variety of plazas, shops, restaurants, bars, craft stalls, jewelers. Etc.
The fifth avenue is synonymous with glamor, fashion, art and culture that has an extension of approx. 4 km. travel. That for many visitors is compared to the 7 km of the famous 5th. Avenue of New York but with a rustic and Caribbean touch.

2. Visit Founders Beach

Located in the heart of Playa del Carmen, it is one of the most famous beaches of this municipality, which is distinguished by the magnificent monument: “The Mayan portal” an icon of the beginning of the New Age of the Mayan Calendar that will last 5,125 years.
The Maya Portal is the perfect place to photograph and at nightfall you can appreciate the cultural spectacle of the Mayan dancers and the Papantla Flyers.

3. Walk and admire the stars by the sea

If you want to spend a cool night in contact with nature and in the company of your partner. No doubt this is the best scenario, so, prepare your best playlist of romantic music, a bottle of wine and live a romantic night in the company of your partner, the moon, the sea and the stars.

4. Night out

The biggest attraction for young visitors and locals is undoubtedly the nightlife and partying that Playa del Carmen offers.
If you are partying, we recommend visiting the famous Calle 12. A meeting point where you will find a variety of bars, restaurants and nightclubs for all tastes. The party to another level you find it in street 12.

Although, Playa del Carmen is a city that delights with tastes, colors and flavors that gives us entrance to an incredible adventure during our vacations. Do you already know him? Learn more about the Riviera Maya with us at Mayan Riviera Tours!