The Kaan Luum Lagoon, the Hidden wonder of Tulum

By 14 October, 2017Blog
Kaan Luum

One bridge is the way tho take you to a cenote with a little more than 82 meters deep and 25 meters in diameter. We are talking about the bridge of the Kaan Luum Lagoon. A place of extraordinary nature decorated with turquoise and emerald waters. Kaan Luum is located about 12 kilometers from Tulum, close to Felipe Carrillo Puerto and Siaan Ka’an. This unimaginable site has been surrounded by jungle and mangroves. To locate it is easy, it is two kilometers after having passed the cenote “Dos Osos”, on the left side is a sign indicating that you have arrived at your destination. Once there, you can pay your income in the entrance booth, which is not expensive at all. We are talking about 50 Mexican pesos and if you want to include more in your package, the price is about 150 pesos, this include kayaking or paddle.

The meaning of the lagoon name is “Yellow Earth” in Mayan language, this is because the entire floor of the lagoon is made of clay, which is perfect for a good skin exfoliation. The place is completely safe even for those who do not know how to swim, since you can walk for meters within the lagoon, while still standing. In the lagoon of Kaan Luum you will witness the abundant birds that inhabit there, of course, that when carrying your camera, these memories will be shaped forever. There is no need to worry about the cenote either, since despite having access to the entire lagoon and swimming in its calm waters, the cenote is on the contrary all fenced, to avoid accidents and to swim in it. In turn, if you go to the Kaan Luum lagoon to dive exclusively in the cenote, you can do this, of course, with the supervision of the manager and paying an extra cost.

The Kaan Luum lagoon is a place of complete contact with nature, it is recommended to take food and drinks to eat during the stay, as it is a nature reserve, you will not find any place to feed. Tourism growth is an important point for the area, therefore it is essential to maintain an ecological balance, and thus care and above all preserve the natural areas. It is recommended to use biodegradable blockers or hats to protect the skin from the sun, and not to use chemicals that can mistreat the environment. But if you prefer not to expose your skin to the sun, you can also avoid it with the big palapa on the banks of the lagoon, this has tables around to enjoy your food and why not, a good and deserved rest alike.

Kaan Luum

foto by sebamxs

The Kaan Luum Lagoon holds extraordinary and amazing nature, if you are a lover of discovering unique places and being out of the ordinary, this place and its tranquility is ideal for you.

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